Are you Addicted ?

Most people have countless messages to return, when we post a thing, also to see how much like, how much share, how much comment, how to comment.

So we’re getting more and more care about how people look at us, and we’ve made many so-called “Keyboard -.”. from the fast-charging phone to the current powerbank, and our happy index seems less. Maybe it’s because a comment makes you sleep all night.

  1. Life is not open to electronic products, and is disturbed or. On the vibration of the acoustic / to.
  2. Meals are also not open to mobile phones, and do not consciously consume more high-calorie food. (comfort food)
  3. Because of someone else’s dislike, or comment and make yourself stress / unhappy.
    The time of movement or parenthood has been given to electronic products and social sites.

After reading this article, I feel that I am actually poisoning myself. However, it is often the case that there is a “no choice” for its own reasons, although there is a lot of social media detox / Digital Detox, but there is no way to isolate it. So I try some adjustments.

  1. Let yourself drink water regularly. A lot of busy work makes us forget to drink water, and moisture is important to the body.
  2. With more exposure to sunlight, Vitamin D will not only strengthen the bones, but will also heal our feelings.
  3. Read. I never believed in reading and reading e-books. But reading does not only give you more thoughts, but you can calm yourself down.
  4. Talk more. Talk to people who are positive. That day to Batu Pahat, 5 hours of journey, as the phone has no electricity, keep talking and let yourself charge a lot.

Our happiness is not in the hands of another person, and not even one of the people who meet the people who haven’t met. If you don’t feel like it’s going to be a couple of seconds, or because of a like / dislike / comment, maybe you should have a detox.

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